Probiotic Power

The Changing Nature of Cleaning

Chemical based disinfectants have long been the gold standard when it comes to cleaning, odour removal and waste management. Over time we have learnt of the major drawbacks associated with these types of products and we are now entering a new age of cleaning. Recent developments in microbiology and in the way we understand micro ecosystems have meant that probiotic cleaners are quickly becoming a far better solution both in terms of efficacy and environmental impact.

Bacteria...Are they all bad?

Not all bacteria are disease causing. In fact, less than 1% of all bacteria can make us sick. The remaining 99% exist happily in the ecosystem either providing essential nutrients to their environment or living symbiotically in small communities nourishing each other.

Probiotic bacteria are microorganisms which are considered beneficial for our health. They can be found in many food products such as yogurt and can aid in maintaining a clean and healthy digestive system. They do this by taking up residence in our digestive tracts and competing for space with bad bacteria. This limits the area for bad bacteria to live and multiply.

Just as probiotic bacteria can help clean our digestive system, they are also proficient in cleaning and deodorising our homes. Bacteria have been nature's clean team for billions of years so it seems only logical to use them to keep our daily environments healthy and safe.

Contains Probiotics
The ProPower Range

What separates ProPower from the rest?

What separates ProPower from other probiotic cleaning agents, is that it is based on Quorum Sensing Technology (QST). Quorum sensing at its most basic level can be described as a regulatory process over gene expression in response to cell-population density. To put it simply, bacteria can't visualise their surroundings like we do, so in order to detect how many neighbouring cells they have, each cell releases signal molecules. Based on the concentration of these signal molecules in the micro-environment outside of cells, the bacteria can detect how many neighbours each has and if these neighbours are of the same species. Once a specific concentration of signal molecules has been achieved (known as a quorum) the bacteria start manufacturing different enzymes and proteins which can have a significant impact on their environment and their neighbouring cells. Want to know more information about QST? Follow this link to watch world renowned molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler discuss the way bacteria talk.

The ProPower Solution

The proprietary formulation of probiotics in ProPower is specifically designed to act as a functional symbiotic community of bacteria meaning they work together to quickly achieve a quorum when placed into an environment. Once the bacteria in ProPower achieve a quorum, they release molecules such as fatty acids and bacteriocins which act as toxins and growth inhibitors against common pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella typhimurium, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli. This provides a long term solution for controlling pathogenic bacteria and odour on surfaces and in waste management systems.

Marine & RV

ProPower Marine & RV is highly effective at maintaining the integrity of waste facilities onboard boats and RV's. Over time these systems become clogged with sludge and a hard mineral calcification known as struvite and this can lead to a range of problems. These include ineffective emptying, foul smells, narrowing pipes and tank guage inaccuracies. ProPower will reduce this sludge and struvite down to a probiotic water. Check out our video that shows you just how easy it is to ProPower your vessel.

How ProPower can help your onboard wastes facilities -

Works on smelly heads

Septic, Biocycle & Portaloos

ProPower Septic & Biocycle is proficient in maintaining a healthy and highly functional waste management system. ProPower can be applied to a range of different sized waste management systems ranging from domestic septic systems to commercial based waste management facilities and Portaloos. ProPower improves the overall health of the waste management system by changing the resident micro flora and in doing so numerous benefits are achieved. Still not convinced? Check out our video to see how ProPower dramatically improves the health of a septic system by removing 10 years worth of sludge in just 3 months!

Beneficial effects of a probiotic waste management solution -

Works in portaloos


ProPower Deodoriser is highly effective at neutralizing odours associated with organic matter. The ProPower bacteria use the organic matter as a food source to quickly achieve quorum. Once a quorum is reached, they inhibit the growth of putrefaction bacteria which are responsible for the foul odour.

Unlike conventional chemical cleaners, ProPower Deodoriser will remove the smell rather than simply masking it making it a long term solution to odour problems.

Just some of the many ProPower Deodoriser applications -

Safe for Pets