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"I just wanted to let you know about the personal experience we have had with "ProPower Deodoriser". We have a resident who is a paraplegic with very limited movement of his hands and who has many co-morbidities. He has a catheter and last week the catheter bag started to leak onto the floor. The urine smell was very malodorous and the smell spread through the ground floor of the facility even after cleaning and scrubbing with our usual cleaning agents. I sprayed some ProPower onto his floor and it stopped the odour virtually instantly. We have also used the product on a sofa where a resident urinated and it worked very well. The fact that this product consumes the odour rather covers it with a masking agent, and has no chemical ingredients is of significant positive impact in our nursing home environment. It is also very cost effective as it comes as a concentrate! It is a very good product for these very strong odours. We will be using it on these sorts of problems moving forward!"

Linburn Nursing Home

"I would like to write a short note on your product, "ProPower Tank Treatment". I made the purchase with the common perception that being a "Green" product it may not work as well as chemical based products, was I wrong! We have a portaloo on our block, and it sits out in the sun for most of the day, I followed the direction on the bottle and within a day the product started to work its magic. But it came into its own when I reused the portaloo after several weeks (with no pump out), it had virtually no odour and was an amazingly pleasant experience. Sure it doesn't smell of chemicals and it isn't blue but it works better than any portaloo I've used before! We are so impressed with your product that we have now purchased a couple of bottles for our at home septic system."

Impact AV

"I had the opportunity to use the product ProPower supplied by Probiotic Power to alleviate a problem of smell at home caused by having my large dog in the house. After one application the smell diminished and now three days later visitors are unable to detect any odour from the dog. I am most impressed with the effectiveness of this product. I now intend to use this product in a number of other applications in the food industry."

Denis Critchley

"I am writing to endorse the commercial grade product supplied by Probiotic Power. I found that the product “ProPower” not only treated the holding tank and helped to break down sediment, but also cleaned the hoses, removing the smell almost entirely. I would not hesitate to recommend “ProPower” for either commercial or recreational vessels."

Ashley Mcann

"The smell in my 4WD was very bad one morning, I found a rotting potato which had turned to mush on the carpet in the back of my 4WD. After removing the offending potato mess, I sprayed Pro Power on the carpet. The smell was gone the following day, so were any stains on the carpet, I was truly amazed."

Terry Leeder

"I have had a Nature Loo, Self Composting Toilet for over 20 Years. Not many people can say that they have one installed in their home for this period of time.I decided to give Probiotic Power a go. So what has happened for me? The smell is reduced. The pile is breaking down and one of the most noticeable things is the amount of scale buildup over the years is reduced. This means that I do not have to lift a 250 Kg container out as often. For an older person this is definitely a benefit, I will continue to use it and still hope for better results but at the moment it has been better than any other product I have tried."


"Pro power has worked wonders for my vessels holding tank. It used to suffer from very bad odour along with having trouble pumping out due to the contents of the tanks going solid. Now after just a week of using pro power, my tanks odour has improved dramatically, and is only getting better, as well as the fact that everything in my tank actually gets pumped out now as pro power is helping to keep it in a liquid form. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the marine industry. marine industry."

Scotty Macdiarmid

"I own a 53ft fly bridge cruiser motor boat, and have had trouble with black water tank odour for some time. I have tried several different chemicals, which have been quite harsh, and only seemed to work for a short period of time, not to mention the cost of those chemicals. I was then introduced to PRO POWER probiotic tank treatment and had to give it a try, after applying the correct amount to my tank size I couldn’t believe that the odour had gone within and hour of applying this product. The great thing is, the odour has never returned and its totally environmentally friendly, I highly recommend Pro Power probiotic tank cleaner for your boat and any other places where you have a black water tank."

Rod Temple-Smith

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try your new product, ProPower Deodoriser. I have had pets most of my life and am very familiar with their odours. I was somewhat skeptical of your product as I have tried many in the past and have never had the best of results. I have had Greyhounds for years now and they travel with me in my car and that’s where I notice the smells the most, they are not so good at letting you know when they need to stop for a break. Along with the smell that comes regularly from dogs there also was the occasional urine smell. I used your product once a week diluting it as recommended and spraying it liberally around the car, I did a test patch as you recommended on the fabric but as you said, “we haven’t seen it mark anything yet”. I did this once a week and it conquered the smells better than anything I’ve tried previously, and is far more cost effective."


"We would like to comment on the effectiveness of your probiotic Tank Treatment. We have used this on a few of our portable toilets including our flushing units. Overall we found that on our weekly and bi weekly cleaning and pump outs that there were no solids and virtually no odour! Even on some of our worst sites! The product performed better than first expected and easily matched or exceeded the chemicals that we currently use."


"I have been using PROBIOTIC POWER for about 6 months now with great success! I was promised that the clogged pipes and tank sludge would be reduced if not totally eliminated with regular use of PROBIOTIC POWER, as well as eliminating the foul odour from the black and grey holding tanks. I’m very happy to say the discharge hoses are now completely clear and the sludge in the holding tanks has been reduced enormously, I would anticipate in a few more months using PROBIOTIC POWER the sludge would also be totally removed from the holding tanks. The foul smell from the holding tanks has also disappeared completely. I’d highly recommend PROBIOTIC POWER as a preventative treatment for discharge hoses & holding tanks, as well as a remedial product should the problem already have manifested itself on board your boat. I certainly received the results that were promised!"

Empire Marina