Frequently Asked Questions

It is not possible to use too much, however if you follow the usage instructions located at the bottom of this page, the product will work effectively at the most economical amount for you.

Often if struvites are present in your holding tanks, the black tank sensors will be misreading and showing the tank as partially full after emptying. Other common symptoms of struvite are slower emptying times as well as odour that just wont leave even after emptying. If you have noticed any solid cement looking chunks clogging your hoses, these are often struvites which have dislodged from the tank.

If treated with ProPower then the tanks should only need to be dumped when full.

A thorough rinsing with water should be sufficient. If struvites are present in your system, they can trap chemicals which are capable of killing the probiotics in ProPower so it is recommended that the initial dose of ProPower be larger than normal. 

Yes, the MSDS can be downloaded here.

The culture used in ProPower is relatively resilient to common household cleaners when used as directed. Products containing Chloride and Bromide will kill the culture so it is not advisable to pour a bottle of bleach down the toilet. Also store the ProPower bottle out of direct sunlight as the bacteria are a little sensitive when it comes to UV light. Products are not to be frozen as this will kill the probiotics. 

There are three things that can be done to remedy any lingering smells.

  1. Sometimes effluent in a full tank can get into the breather pipe. Disconnect the pipe from the deck vent and spray a dilution (50ml in 250ml of water) of ProPower into the pipe.
  2. If the vessel has a dormant period, up end a full bottle of ProPower and fill the tank with water. This will reach higher levels of the tank not usually accessed by the ProPower. These higher sections of the tank often have plenty of scale and therefore smell. The longer the tank can be left full the better (even months). Results will be noticed within a week.
  3. It is possible that the small is not coming from the tank at all and it is in fact coming from the bilge. Empty a full bottle of ProPower into the bilge with some water and take the vessel out to swish the ProPower around. Leave in for a minimum of 1 week. 

That’s perfectly normal. Those floaties are food for the probiotic bacteria. 

If a system is overloaded because of an event of more guests than usual, the system must catch up with the oversupply of effluent. It will return to normal in a couple of days.

Most foul smelling organic substances, especially if the smells are Ammonia or Trimethylamine based. This includeds things such as urine, Dynamic Lifter and decaying organic matter.

Dilute the ProPower 75ml to 1L of water and spray the overflow/spill. Odour will start to abate within a minute.

ProPower can handle any problem that it can get in contact with. Surround the affected area with wet towels and saturate the concrete with a dilution of 75ml of ProPower to 1L of water.

Reapply ProPower, in a dilution of 75ml to 1L of water. ProPower will consume the odour but can only do so if it can reach the affected area and is alive long enough to do its job. When ProPower dries out it will die. For carpets and thicker materials take into account the sub layers.

Propower is comprised of live microbes and once they have been diluted from the concentrate, so has their food source. This leads to a reduction in their active life as the bacteria ultimately starve once the food source is depleted. 

We have had many people who have severe allergies use ProPower with no adverse effects. We have not done specific lab testing in this area. 

ProPower is comprised of a number of facultative anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria can survive in environments with limited oxygen supplies, however they flourish when some oxygen is present. Cassettes being sealed units, unlike other forms of tanks don’t usually have a breather pipe so using the toilet a few times per day allows for enough air exchange to keep the ProPower bacteria working adequately. 

When used as directed in a dilution we have had no reports of staining, unless heavily overused.

Yes, ProPower is safe for animals and controls potent odours such as urine very well. ProPower, if used regularly, will also descale uric acid crystallisation. 

Usage instructions for all our products are found in the ‘Methods & Dosing‘ page of this website. 

ProPower Grey can be used in any one of three ways;

  1. As a treatment (most often for off grid travelers), dosing each tank load.
  2. As a periodical cleaner, keep ¼ – ½ tank at the end of a trip and add 100ml. Travel home and fill the remainder of the tank with fresh water and let sit till your next trip (this can be emptied over the lawn, it is all safe for the environment).
  3. As an annual major clean, empty a full bottle into the tank and fill with fresh water, leaving to stand for a week or more.

If the tank is clean, it can be stored empty, otherwise pour in a dose of ProPower with enough water so that tank does not go dry. It is not necessary to store a Grey Tank empty.