ProPower Cassette & Porta Loo – Probiotic Treatment that works!

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ProPower Cassette & Porta Loo treatment really works!
Reduce odours and keep your plumbing system free of blockages.

ProPower Cassette / Porta Loo Treatment

When nasty smells occur in your RV, there are two probable causes, it is either your cassette or Grey Wastewater Tank. Cassettes smell from raw waste and acrid ammonia from urine, ProPower Cassette / Portaloo controls odour and prevents uric scale build-up within the system. For your Grey Wastewater, please see ProPower Grey Wastewater Treatment.

  • ProPower controls odours
  • Initiates the breakdown of solids in cassettes
  • Prevents uric scale build up
  • ProPower is a high concentrate offering great value
  • Excellent for Bio / Septic Systems
  • Can be diluted 1:10 with water and used for cleaning all bathroom surfaces.

The beauty of utilising Probiotic Microbes is that you are harnessing a solution that nature has perfected over millions of years. Chemicals are harsh and detrimental to the environment, we can make a better choice!

1 review for ProPower Cassette & Porta Loo – Probiotic Treatment that works!

  1. Kerrie Matthews

    The company recently provided me with a sample to test and provide feedback. I used the toilet cassette product in extreme heat over Christmas and whilst the sample was suitable amount for 4 day use, and such a short trial, I find that it worked well in the conditions and was impressed. There were no odours, the product performed as advised and am happy to purchase again.
    Quantum Caravans
    21’6″ Truss Chassis Off Road Caravan
    Thetford Toilet.

    • Alissa Munster

      Thank you so much Kerrie, we greatly value your feedback, and appreciate your time.

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