ProPower Probiotic Grey Tank Wastewater Treatment Concentrate

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ProPower Probiotic Grey Water Treatment

The strength and efficacy of ProPower is really showcased when it is applied to sewage holding tanks. ProPower is a product that will not only work as a treatment for black and grey wastewater but will act as a preventative to all the nasty problems associated with a RV wastewater system.

Being 100% natural probiotic microbes means that we are not masking problems, we are solving them!


500ml, 1 Litre

1 review for ProPower Probiotic Grey Tank Wastewater Treatment Concentrate

  1. Aarha (verified owner)

    Best stuff ever! I bought a used rv and the grey water tank was so bad (even after flushing and chemically treating it several times) that I was considering having it removed and putting in a new one. But after a couple of treatments with this product there were no more smells, no more thick grey water with chunks of I don’t know what, just clear clean water I could happily and safely put anywhere. This product is worth every cent. I am a total convert and will never use anything else. Thank you!
    Now I am going to try the cassette toilet product…

    • Matthew Quinlan

      Thank you for your review! Here at ProPower we have always endeavored to create products that are better than chemicals, are natural, and support the environment. Your case shows how well natures microbes are at their job! Clearing the fats, oils and grease from Grey tanks are not easy. The inorganic content makes the task more difficult, but used correctly, ProPower can easily get the upper hand. Thank you again for your review and safe travels. Kind Regards ProPower

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