ProPower Marine Probiotic Wastewater Tank Treatment


ProPower Marine prevents odours in boat toilet systems.
Some of the biggest names in boat manufacturing now recommend and supply ProPower.

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ProPower Marine Wastewater Probitic treatment

Wastewater systems are a continual challenge for boat owners and operators. When vessels are stowed away for weeks or months, holding tanks and wastewater pipes can gather nasty smells or worse still, malignant struvites (crystallisation) can grow in pipes and block them. Existing products on the market simply mask bad smells with synthetic fragrance and fail to break down this crystallisation. In many cases, these products can even assist struvites in growing.
Once a Quorum of good bacteria is reached no more product needs to be added until a pump out, irrespective of time or temperature!
One-Dose per Tank!

  • ProPower controls foul odours by consuming them
  • Reduces warranty claims by managing the crystallisation and odours in systems
  • ProPower Liquefies solids, allowing for faster emptying with less strain on pumps
  • ProPower will soften and consume crystallisation
  • Applicable for fresh and saltwater systems
  • Reduces biodegradable pollutants
  • 100% Natural, no chemicals!

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 15 Litres


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